Hey, you all.

My name is Kat, actually, my name is a bit longer but trust me, you wouldn’t pronounce it good anyway so,  and I’m old 🙂 just kidding, I’m 20, ok 22, alright alright!  23…don’t push the line!

I’m ordinary girl, struggling with life, trying to get what’s best of what’s left for me, ok, joking again.  But seriously, I like the same things as half of you, chocolate, mangas, shoes, travels, good food and my dog, books and sport, but I can’t say that I’m not a bit weird and you know, not so adult sometimes but I believe in laugh as best medicine for everything so, life is like a circus so make your show best ever!

All opinions are mine, you don’t have to agree with what I write in here, so remember that I’m not a specialist but a living person so don’t take my posts for granted! I like healthy and active lifestyle but I’m not a nutritionist/personal trener/psychologist, or any other specialist. I just write about my healthy diet, my workout routine, things that makes me sad/happy.

You can ask me questions because I LOVE answering and I’m doing it really fast so don’t hesitate! Also, to not make you wondering, BunnyKat is a name which I created in one minute. It’s really simple and there’s no special story behind it. I’m a huge fan of all Japanese-tv-things and Sailor Moon was the first anime I’ve ever watched. I love Bunny and bunnies and Lola Bunny so to express my love I just added Bunny to my name and here we are. Just some random, stupid, pointless and weird story.

Also, I’m crazy about leraning new languages so expect a lot of study posts. I’m learning Spanish, Korean and Japanese, and still English. I’m a self-student, I work myself, and it’s hard. I’ve been learning English for years, by myself and I still have so much work to do but I’m making a progress every single day. So don’t be afraid and if you see any, even the smallest mistake please inform me.

BunnyKat xo