5 things that actually help when you’re having a bad time


Sometimes I just feel like nothing is going as I planned.  I make plans, I do my best and in the end there’s that one thing that ruins everything.  It’s not always like that…well, mostly.  So when something is clearly wrong, I already start building my defense because I know what will happen – a huge depression.  Good for me that I am not a kind of person who lay in bed with a huge box of chocolate, ice creams and with you tube on, for months…I spend just a day this way and then I get up and take an action because I always remember that no one can save us but ourselves. 

But! Even if it’s just one day, you how to survive somehow, and it’d be really good if you could help your mental -self at the same time.  Because you have to be strong to be able to get up and fight. And to be strong you have to do your homework,  feel what took you down in the first place and think about your problem.  Ask yourself 3 simple questions.

1.Why it happened?

2.How it effects my life?

3.What can I do to help it?

When you are asking yourself those questions, what comes to your mind first?  Those are the answers. 

So just from my own experience, and I went through a lot, there’s a couple of things that really help when you are down.  Here’s what I do :

  1. Bed & Breakfast.  If you feel horrible and you just want to be alone under your favorite warm blanket crying like a baby, let yourself do that.  You have to let go of all the feelings bottled up inside you.  Stay in your comfy bed but first prepare some good food.  Something health and something sweet.  Today every meal has a dessert.  You don’t have to do anything, just let yourself be as you are, weak and tired.  After some good meal you will feel better. I like to eat ice creams straight from the box, it helps me somehow.
  2. Music & Movies.  Everyone has a list of sad songs that brings the tears, for me the best of all are the old ones but not only.  I like Evanescence,  Coldplay,  “all I want”by Kodaline or” eyes shut “by Years &Years and more. About the movies, ” Dance with me “, “Walk to remember”  or “Titanic” are my classic favourites.  You have to cry watching it, you just have to! So say hello to YouTube and start crying, you will feel better.
  3. Laugh.  Seriously, I don’t know why but when you’re depressed, even the smallest, most stupid and unfunny things can make you laugh and somehow it makes you feel good.  I love watching funny things, like everyone, but when I feel bad I always meet up with best guys of this world.  Jimmy Fallon, Conan, The late late show with James,  Russell Brand or Ellen – funniest girl ever. When I watch them I feel like it doesn’t matter, I mean my problem.  They give me a positive energy, they make me laugh and before I notice I already feel stronger. Try it.
  4. Goals.  I always do some list whenever I’m sad. Make yours! Don’t be foolish, it’s just for today, while you are full of that energy like “screw it!  I am strong, life is amazing and I can do anything!”  kind of attitude.  Let’s be honest, you won’t be like that tomorrow, you’ll be fine but not like this.  But make your list anyway because it brings hope, strength and joy.
  5. Social media.  Tumblr, instagram and blogs /vlogs. My second family. When I’m sad I like to make myself even more sad because I feel like it’s a chance for me to let go of all emotions that I’ve been collecting through a month.  So I read sad quotes, tragic stories, someone else’s stories.  I bring myself down, I clean every corner of my soul.
  6. I do things that I don’t do daily.  I suddenly want to learn whole choreography from some MV, I want to bake, learn Chinese… I have a lot of ideas, it looks like depression brings best ideas, or the one that you were too scared to admit that you have!  Anyway, do whatever comes to your mind.

Those are just my ideas, things I do every single time when I feel that sadness is coming or already here.  It seriously helps me.  But you also have to add something yours, and be aware.  In my case it lasts a day and I’m ready to start again, my batteries are full. I have optimistic soul, I’ve been always like that,  I’m a fighter, but everyone is different so if you see that it lasts too long, try to ask for advice.  Go talk with your friends, family. Remember that all those things are helpful but their job is to bring your feelings out but any of those won’t solve your problems, you have to do this.  Ask yourself questions from above and see what will happen. Good luck 🍀

As always please let me know where did I make a mistake in this post and remember that it’s just my personal opinion, you don’t have to agree with any of the words I wrote.



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