My daily goals+how I motivate myself



A year ago, I was the most hardworking and spontaneous person in the whole country, and my country is not that small!  Now I’m lazy, weak and I don’t have energy to do anything.  Because of that I am also frustrated, cause it’s not who I am.  Not doing anything makes me feel tired and sad and I feel like in a trap.  I can’t just lay on the couch watching stupid movies for hours and yet, here I am doing just that. In my case it started last year, in June when I had leg surgery and I couldn’t move for almost two months.  It was then that I’ve gave up my daily workouts, healthy diet and my passions and all I was doing back then was watching MTV.  I was a sport freak since I was 4 so you can imagine how I felt when the doctor “trapped” me in my bed for such long time.  It also turned out that the surgery went well but unfortunately  my contusion haven’t got any better. I was so depressed and angry that I didn’t care about anything and it took me a year to pull myself together but I couldn’t get back on track with my previous lifestyle.  I got used to junk food and sweeties, I haven’t worked out since then and every time I say “I will work out today!” something came out and I give up training, same with languages.  I love learning new languages, it’s my biggest passion and my future dream job but recently I can’t focus and I am bored after 5 minutes of sitting.  What I discovered is that it’s not because those are not my dreams anymore or interests.  I still truly love it but I feel like I am physically healthy but my soul, mind and spirit, well, they’re still lying in a bed.  I’ve read that it often happens to people who were on a diet.  They lost pounds but in their heads nothing changed.  So today I decided to finally do something to bring back the real me.  Here’s how I’m gonna do it, but first I need to make a list of the things I want to achieve.

  1. Workout.  It’s the most important thing on my daily to do list so it really frustrate me when I can’t make it happen. What I know for sure is that if I won’t do it early in the morning, I won’t do it at all.  I have to workout immediately after waking up and before breakfast. It gives me energy and strength for the rest of the day.
  2. Healthy diet.  I feel like this is the hardest thing to overcome.  It’s so easy to get use to sweet or junkie food so of course it’s better to prevent when it’s not too late but I know from my own experience that we only see the problem when it’s already done. But in my case it’s not about gaining weight because I don’t gain weight no matter what, but instead my stomach suffers from too much sugar or fat so what motivates me the most is the pain I feel.
  3. Foreign languages.  I want to be a translator so I have to study hard to achieve it.  Besides,  this is my true passion so it’s more like a relax than work. But after not doing anything for months it’s hard to find your spirit again.  I was so bored and lazy and now I want to overcome this but believe me, from all bad habits this is the worst.  I also know that I have to do it because this is a kind of thing that I have to do on my own, no one can do it for me.
  4. Blog.  This is literally the first thing that actually isn’t hard to do.  I usually post 2 a week and I am quite motivated.  But I know that I have to be careful because there is always that moment when you have a crisis and you are loosing your motivation and ideas so it’s super important to watch out and catch that moment cause if you won’t do this you will wake up thinking about quitting your blog and going on some short hiatus.  We all know that hiatus never ends.
  5. The rest.  For me it means work, housework, my dog, books, music, going out, friends and family and more. I like reading and listening to music, I also have to play with my dog because it calms me but I want to meet people too.  It all takes time during the day.  How can I think about going out with friends or family when I can’t even finish my work or make myself to workout or cleaning the house.

Those are the things I would like to do every single day.  It’s not much when you’re organized.  I could do it all till afternoon and have a free rest of the day. The key to success is to find a way to start doing it the moment after I wake up.  Easy to say but am I able to do it?  Well, I found a few tips that may be helpful.  Let’s see.

  1. Phone. It’s important to not look at the phone too often and spend more time outside. We hear that every single day while watching television or listening to radio. But this time forget about it and grab your phone. In this case phone is your best friend for many reasons.  The most important?  Apps. Download any apps you like and don’t look at your free space. As long as it will help you stay motivated and focused, you can have it.  So find something for yourself, workout app, positive quotes,  daily journal, anything!  The 2nd thing is your alarm, so be sure your phone is charged and signal sound loud.  You can even record your own like “hey, it’s time for a glass of water /piano lesson/workout. Get your ass from the couch and do it now!!” And the last thing, your camera.  Take a picture of everything you did.  You have just finished hard workout?  Take a photo of your sweat and tears!  You eat healthy?  Create a photo album of your meals, just remember that it’s easier to stick to your plans when you see the results.
  2. Journal.  Buy yourself a beautiful journal and start writing.  Become a real journalist or just start creating a memory base.  I don’t feel like writing a diary, I prefer to keep it simple and short. I shared my notes on few sections,  food, exercising, learning… and I started to summarize my every day.  It soon will become my habit.  Every time I open my journal I feel proud of myself and happy because I see how much I already did. It’s motivating.  Just try.
  3. Find a goal for your goal.  People work better when they have a chance to win some price.  Everyone knows that.  Same goes with fear.  When you know that your deadline is close you pull yourself together and work harder, faster.  That’s how human works.  So use it now to make your dreams come true.  You want to learn Italian? Fine,  book yourself a trip and pay for it now,  or pay for some course in language school. You have no idea how hard you can work when you’re under the pressure. “I paid so much, I can’t lose my money!”  “My trip is next month, I have to do this!”  Try yourself.
  4. Buy a gift.  For yourself of course!  Buy something really amazing and ask someone who you can trust to take it. This is simple.  Your friend can give it to you only when you achieve your goal (pass the language exam, get a driver license and so on) It must be someone who won’t give up under your pressure and pleads.  Want it? Take it!
  5. Punishment.  Pick the cruelest punishment you can and tell your friends and family about it.  Promise them that if you won’t have a driver license in 3 months, you will go on the beach… for nudist!  Naked!  Or something else, the point is that people are cruel and if they have a chance to humiliate you, they will do it! Don’t want to suffer?  Start fighting.

I did all of those ideas and I feel like I am really motivated… and scared!  I want to surprise myself and people who are waiting to see my naked butt. I really feel like this time I will make it!  Just do your own list of dreams and goals and then find some tools to make this journey easier.  You can use some of my ideas or all.  Everyone is different so it may and it may not works in your case but it’s always worth trying.  I believe that when you put some effort in preparations, it’s just more difficult to let go.  It’s always a shame to lose your money, dignity or pride…

What are your goals?  What’s on your to do list?  Let me know and please, as always, let me know if you find any mistake in this post.  Thanks

BunnyKat xoxo


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