5 apps I love and use every day


Talking about apps, do you know… No, the right question is Can you believe that until last month I was using my old phone which didn’t have colors and had 10 years?  Seriously, right now I’m having the time of my tech life because I have just bought my first smartphone…aand I still don’t know how to use most of the things.  I have got Sony Xperia e4,because I decided to start from something not too expensive but good enough to be able to install some of the latest hits like pokemon go or instagram, but I don’t have neither so far. But let’s go back to the topic.  I installed a hundred of most popular apps and then reinstalled all of them and again and again and again, until I decided to think instead of clicking “install” everytime I see the button.  And I did. I don’t have much space on my phone so I have to be careful and think twice until I decide to go for it so I always ask myself two questions :

Do I really need /want it? 

Have I got space for that on my phone?

If one of the answers is yes then I usually test chosen apps and decide if I want to keep any of installed.  Today I want to present my 5 favourite. I seriously can’t imagine my day without these and honestly, they improved every aspect of my life.  

  1. Daily workouts.  I’m a sport freak so I have to workout every day, and I like to of course.  But if you’re like me and you prefer to workout at home, in privacy, you probably know that feeling when it’s a middle of the year and you’ve just finished the program that you’ve been doing for the last few months and you are sooo bored. You have seen every single workout video on YouTube and you pray to all those fitness gurus “please, share some new video so I can make my butt bigger and my tummy flatter because I’m sick of the old boring routines that don’t work because my body got used to it and don’t even sweat anymore”…or something like that. Well, I’ve been there and because of that I started to look for some simple but nice app and I found Daily workouts. You can choose from many options like app for arms, belly, legs,stretching….  I wanted everything in one app and there actually is option like that. And it’s only about 2 minutes of installation and 30MB of my precious space.  Brilliant.
  2. Duolingo.  With this app you can learn every possible language, maybe not every but most of the existed.  I’m learning korean,  spanish and japanese.  You can’t depend only on Duolingo but it’s the best tool for beginners. I can honestly say that it’s nice, simple and what’s most important, it motivates you to work harder.  I think it’s because of that owl. Hi
  3. Candy camera.  Best app ever! Now my awful photos look so stunning and professional, I’m like a pro my friends. Hundreds of photo effects, cute stickers and more.  Easy to use and doesn’t take much space.  Perfect.
  4. Get shit done! It doesn’t sound friendly but it will help you.  If you’re lazy and you want to improve your life and be able to finally say “each task of my to do list -completed” then install Gsd.  You have to name the thing you want to do  “workout / cooking /homework”, set the time you want to spend doing it and that’s all. It’s a really helpful app.
  5. Funny quotes free.  It’s a Huge base of funny quotes, updated every day. Hilarious sentences and pictures. I just love it.  You will too.

Ok, now you know what’s inside my phone.  Basically I try to surrender myself with things that I love but also need, so I try my best to behave and not throw myself on every single app;) something to learn, something funny and something helpful in a daily life.  I suggest you to do the same.  For me all those apps work just great and I really see the progress like I’m more productive, focused, motivated.  But this is just my personal opinion so it may not work for you.  My advice?  First check how many space you have, then think about what would you like to support /improve in your life and what do you like to do. Find out if there’s any helpful app for you and test it.  It’s not like you can’t remove it, right?

As always, please let me know if you see any mistakes in this post. Thanks

BunnyKat xoxo


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