Horror time! What scares you the most?


Horror time!  Yes, it’s a kind of movie genre that we all are scared of but at the same time we all like to prepare some snacks, invite friends and make a movie night marathon.

To be honest, I am not really sure if I don’t like horrors because usually they are just weak and pointless or because I am really scared.  The Fact is that I am not one of those who spend the whole week sleeping with their parents or looking over their shoulder because they’re so scared of the movie they’ve watched.

But I can’t pretend, it all depends on what kind of movie we are talking about. I will show you my list, my top 5 of the worst horrors ever.

5. Monsters.  I think we all agree.  Who is scared while watching the predator or other movie with a monster as a main character.  It’s only funny because let’s be honest,  you can see the mask from the mile and usually those monsters have a weird unnatural voices and it only makes them more fake. So no, you won’t scare me that easy,  not with the help of a monster.

4. Ghosts.  No again.  Sorry but I love ghosts no matter how invisible or ugly they are.  I should thank dear Casper,  my favorite cartoon of my childhood.  Besides,  I believe in ghosts, yeah you read me good,  so a ghost story is always a good story,  definitely not scary. 

3. Murderer.  It’s more tempting but it all depends.  You are so wrong if you think that I will run to my neighbours after seeing a guy wearing black hoodie behind my window.  That’s just not me and don’t get me wrong, I am not brave enough,  I’m just reckless.  But!  Some psychopath with a knife,  telling me his story of a brokenhearted teenager who needs to get his revenge or else he won’t find his peace?  Yeah,  I’m already holding a phone…sitting in my closet…

2. Unexplained something.  Yeah,  you know that kind of horror movies. There’s some house or some other creepy place,  some objects and people and basically nobody knows what is the hell going on and who is doing all those nuts but people are dying, blood is everywhere and something is hidden in every corner.  The movie is over and we still have no bloody idea of what was that, was it a ghost?  A person?  Hell knows!

1. Children.  The worst thing you can do is to pick a movie with a bunch of childrens inside!  Their eyes, their uncoordinated moves and all those creepy scenes when they are calling their moms… I need a therapist.  Remember that kid from Omen? Don’t do this to yourself, just don’t. 

One more extra bonus.

A horror including some religious beliefs like the Devils,  hell or exorcisms.  I haven’t added it to my list because I personally think that those movies should be prohibited. It’s unlegal,  against humanity,  wrong!  I saw it once and I seriously still am scared as hell and I still feel like I am dying every time I think about it!  I even can’t stay at home alone when it’s dark and stormy.  No,  get the hell out of my list!

This is my list,  my opinion and this is what I am scared of.  I know people who watch only horrors and they say it’s a pleasure. But I’m not one of them.  I don’t like it,  don’t watch it,  sorry. And you?  Do you have guts to admit that you are scared of.. What?

BunnyKat xoxo


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